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Little Havana Ghana

Beef empanadas

Little Havana Ghana’s doors officially opened on 21st November and it was much anticipated amongst my circle of friends. I switched on my Instagram notifications so that I wouldn’t miss a single post or update. Each post to the lead up to their opening day was filled with drool-worthy food and I couldn’t wait to try it all.

Little Havana boasts to be West Africa’s first Afro-Latino Cuban inspired cantina and bar. It’s the brainchild of Marcus Morgan-Etty, who helped bring Accra the very popular Burger and Relish restaurants. Marcus is not only focused on serving amazing food (which he cooks and tests himself) but also providing an entire dining experience. As soon as you enter Little Havana‘s premises, you think you’re in a different country – Cuba to be exact. Everything from the music pumping out of their systems, to the decor, and the multi-coloured baskets the starters are served in. Service is also very attentive, and staff are friendly.

Afro-Latino food, something I had mostly read about and salivated over from my favourite Food Network shows. I was definitely eager to try it for myself for the first time. Afro-Latino food in a nutshell is Latin American food that has been influenced by African roots.

The amazing decor and details at Little Havana

If you know me well, you’ll know that you won’t see me after the hours of 5pm most days. Evenings are reserved for the little ones in my life, so it was a nice treat to be able to check out Little Havana for myself with friends before we headed out to the annual Kempinski Hotel Christmas tree lighting.

We were a pretty big group (kids outnumbered the adults!) which meant we got to try a number of menu items. The restaurant was quiet being as we had an early dinner on a Sunday so our drinks and dishes came out promptly, which was exactly what we needed so we could eat and dash off.

We ordered the virgin pina colada and the virgin mojito. The virgin pina colada was served in a cute coconut shell too. My friends enjoyed it and found it delicious but wished it had a little less ice and more pina colada. I enjoyed my virgin mojito too but also found it had a bit too much ice.

We tried the elote (not pictured), beef empanadas, ham croquetas and papas rellenas. The elote was corn on the cob, butter, cheese, chilli powder and lime. I’m a fan of spicy food, so enjoyed it but felt that the predominant flavour was mostly the chilli powder. The empanadas were delicious, the pastry although deep fried still felt light and crispy and they were gobbled down pretty quickly. The ham croquetas were a hit with my youngest girl and she loved the gooey ham filling. The papas rellenas, a potato ball stuffed with ground beef was a favourite for my friend, Shoshana, and she couldn’t have enough of it.

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We all ordered a different main to try and mix it up a bit so we went with the cubano, frita, beef soft taco, mojo chicken plato and lechon asado plato.

The cubano is THE famous Cuban sandwich, filled with ham, mojo pork, swiss cheese, pickles and mustard and was a hit. Eli had the beef soft taco, and had no complaints. I tried a bit of the frita too which had a super juicy chorizo and beef patty and the crispiest shoestring potato fries!

The platos were very large and could easily feed two people if you don’t have a huge appetite. Michelle ordered the mojo chicken, and loved the mango salsa that came with it. The chicken was amazingly tender, but could use with a little bit more flavour. I ordered the lechon asado and found the pork was a little on the dry side, and also lacking flavour but the mango salsa fired the taste buds back up.

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Overall, we loved the ambiance, found the food decently priced and will definitely be back again.

Check Little Havana Ghana out for yourself! They don’t take reservations unless you have a party of 8 or more, so it’s first come first serve. They’re currently open for dinner only during the weekdays and open for lunch and dinner from 12pm onwards on weekends. Check them out on Facebook or Instagram to find out more and drool over their menu offerings!

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